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London in the Snow

It always amazes me how badly we respond to the weather in the UK. Having spent the last two winters living in the alps I had forgotten the havoc that a bit of snow wreaks back home; although, I hadn’t forgotten that British drivers are unable to drive in snow. Having been stuck behind British cars driving down the mountain one snowy transfer day it’s hard to forget! What was usually a thirty minute journey took almost two hours! But I digress.

The view from my window

I honestly couldn’t tell you whether it had snowed in the UK in the last two years (well properly anyway, I know it will have snowed in Scotland but that’s a given). I simply wasn’t paying attention. However the snow this year definitely caught my attention. Partly because I was here and partly because the news wouldn’t shut up about it! I travelled a fair amount whilst I was in France, probably more than most seasonnaires and took a number of busses, trains and cars, both as a driver and hitchiker, in all conditions. I never saw or heard of trains breaking down, especially not over night. All that we have shown is that we, as a country, are grossly unprepared for anything worse than rain which, as a country renowned for bad weather, is nothing short of embarrassing!

The last time I remember some proper snow in the UK was 2013. It was my first year at St Andrews and I vividly remember some members of the snowsports club making jumps on one of the paths and hitting the handrails – the closest we can really get to urban skiing. St Andrews was definitely where my love of Skiing started, but more on that another time!

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